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Please try the following troubleshooting steps and if they don't help, either create an issue or join our community Slack channel - we'll help you very quickly ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿš€

1. Enable additional loggingโ€‹

If the Infracost CLI fails, re-run it with --log-level=debug or the INFRACOST_LOG_LEVEL=debug environment variable in case that provides helpful details.

If the Terraform CLI fails, check their debugging page for help. Likewise, if the Terragrunt CLI fails, check their debugging page for help.

2. Generating plan JSON filesโ€‹

By default, the Infracost CLI parses Terraform HCL code to estimate costs. If that does not work for your use-case, Infracost can also parse the Terraform/Terragrunt plan JSON file.

If you have multiple Terraform plan JSON files, you can

  1. run infracost breakdown with --path plan-1.json --format json --out-file infracost-1.json to generate an Infracost JSON file for each.
  2. run infracost output with --path "infracost-*.json" --format diff (glob patterns need quotes) to combine the Infracost JSON files into one output format then use that file with infracost comment. The infracost output --help command shows the other options.

3. Check supported versionsโ€‹

Check the Terraform version matches what you expect. Infracost works with Terraform v0.12 and above. Use ls -lah in the CI build to check for any .terraform* files/folders that might be confusing Terraform running in CI vs previous runs that were used to create them. Removing those files might help.

4. Posting commentsโ€‹

If you're having issues posting pull request comments, please review the troubleshooting section for your version control system:

5. Infracost Cloud dashboardโ€‹

Try the following troubleshooting steps and join our community Slack channel - we'll help you very quickly ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿš€

If Infracost is erroring or running too slow, email us at so we can arrange a debugging session with you quickly.

If your pull requests comments are being posted but they are not showing in the dashboard, ensure that the:

  1. In Infracost Cloud's Org settings page, the cost estimate dashboard is enabled.
  2. Infracost CLI version (infracost --version) being used is latest patch version of v0.10.
  3. Required environment variables are set before theย infracost breakdown and infracost diffย commands are run. You can verify this by runningย cat infracost.json | jq .metadata or infracost breakdown --path /code --format json | jq .metadata and checking the Infracost JSON block shows your pull request metadata.
  4. Either infracost comment or infracost upload is used in your CI/CD integration. If Infracost Cloud is enabled (step 1 above), these commands send the Infracost JSON data to your organization in Infracost Cloud.