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Environment variables

The Infracost CLI uses a number of environment variables to customize various aspects of its behavior; these can be particularly useful in CI/CD integrations. Configuration values are chosen in this order:

  1. CLI flags (run infracost --help to see them)
  2. Environment variables
  3. Config file


Infracost API key, run infracost register to get one.


The currency (ISO 4217) prices should be converted to. Defaults to USD. This is only used by the infracost breakdown and diff commands. The output command uses the currency from the Infracost JSON file.


Can be set to true to enable the Infracost Dashboard, which provides an easy way of sharing reports


Controls the log verbosity level. Can be set to info or warn in CI/CD systems to reduce noise, or debug to troubleshoot. Turns off spinners in output.


Set to true to skip the Infracost update check; can be useful in CI/CD systems. We regularly add support for new resources so we recommend watching our repo for releases: goto the repo page, click on the Watch button > select Custom > Releases and click on Apply. Be sure to upgrade regularly.


Used to set the Terraform workspace (this sets the TF_WORKSPACE internally). The --terraform-workspace flag can also be used.

INFRACOST_TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE=dev infracost breakdown --path /code

Only set this for multi-workspace deployments, otherwise it might result in the Terraform error "workspaces not supported". If you see this error, try running unset INFRACOST_TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE and unset TF_WORKSPACE.


For Terraform Cloud/Enterprise users, set this to a Team API Token or User API Token so Infracost can use it to access the plan.


For Terraform Enterprise users, used to override the default backend host.


If using multiple projects using a config_file this limits the number of projects processed in parallel. By default the parallelization level is set to 4×CPU count but capped at 16. To help with debugging set this to 1 so that the projects are processed synchronously.

Terraform environment variables

Standard Terraform environment variables such as TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE, TF_WORKSPACE and TF_VAR_ can also be added if required, for example:

TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE="$HOME/.terraformrc-custom" infracost breakdown \
--path /path/to/code