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Add to CI/CD

Use one of our many integrations so your engineering team can see cost estimates and FinOps best practices in pull requests before making changes. This provides your team with a safety net as people can discuss costs as part of the workflow.

Infracost pull request comment

If you run into any issues, please join our community Slack channel, we'll help you very quickly 😄

Infracost supports direct integration with GitHub and GitLab. We recommend these integrations as they are much simpler to setup, and faster to run. This page explains more about the benefits of source control integrations over CI/CD integrations.

CI/CD integrations

The following integrations can also be used to post pull request comments.

Third-party integrations

Infracost can also be used alongside many other third-party systems including Terraform Cloud/Enterprise, Env0, Scalr and Spacelift. Note that these integrations are very minimal, do not post pull request comments or work with other Infracost Cloud features such as FinOps policies, Tagging policies, or Guardrails.