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Infracost Cloud is our new hosted service. It enables team leads, managers and FinOps practitioners to have visibility across all cost estimates in CI/CD and answer questions like:

  1. What are the top pull requests that are going to increase/decrease costs the most? Who is working on them?
  2. What were all the pull requests to the main branch on the date we had a spike in cloud costs?

We're also working on enabling team leads to setup notifications of budget-breaking pull requests, and best practice recommendations directly in pull requests. Contact if you'd like to learn more.

Team visibility across all changes

1. Sign up or log in

Go to Infracost Cloud to sign up or log in.

2. Create new organization

Every Infracost user has a default organization for personal use. Create a new organization for your company using the organization dropdown at the top of the page.

Create new organization

3. Setup Infracost Cloud

  1. Switch to the desired organization
  2. Click on Org Settings
  3. Copy your Infracost API key, you will need it in Step 4
  4. Tick the box under Cost estimate dashboard. This instructs the Infracost CLI to send its JSON output to Infracost Cloud (the JSON does not contain any cloud credentials or secrets).
  5. Get organization API key

4. Update API key in CI/CD

If you are already running Infracost in your CI/CD system:

  • update the INFRACOST_API_KEY environment variable to your organization API key. Note that only API keys starting with ico- work with Infracost Cloud; if you have old API keys, discard them and use the one from your Org Settings page.
  • ensure that the Infracost CLI version being used is v0.10.7 or later.

Otherwise, setup one of our CI/CD integrations and set the INFRACOST_API_KEY environment variable to your organization API key.

5. Send a pull request

Send a new pull request to change something in Terraform that costs money, you should see a pull request comment in your CI/CD system.

6. See cost estimate in Infracost Cloud

Go to Infracost Cloud > your organization > Projects to see the same cost estimate from the pull request. Your dashboard gives you visibility across all changes across pull requests and code repos.

If you run into any issues, please join our community Slack channel, we'll help you very quickly 😄

Team visibility across all changes