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Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests

Infracost is an open-source tool that helps DevOps, SRE and developers continuously reduce their cloud costs.

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Comment in pull request posted by Infracost

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See the cost of each pull request

Infracost easily integrates into your CI/CD pipeline
Step one

Developer proposes a change to the infrastructure

A developer makes changes to the infrastructure as code file, and creates a pull/merge request.

Pull request showing code change to Terraform code
Step two

Infracost calculates the cost of the change

Infracost looks at the changes made to the Terraform file and shows the pre and post-change costs as a comment in the pull request: “This change will increase your bill by 27%”

Comment in pull request posted by Infracost
Step three

Team discusses the cost implication

This enables engineering teams to see how much each pull request costs, and to peer review costs alongside the code.

Discussion about cost impact of pull request
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Cloud cost optimization for DevOps

How Infracost helps your team

Cloud costs are complex

AWS alone has over 2 million prices. Infracost makes these prices understandable for engineering teams.

Costs are hidden from developers

Infracost links the costs directly to lines of code so engineers can continuously reduce their cloud costs.

Analyzing cloud bills is too late

Infracost shows costs upfront before resources are deployed so you don't need to wait for the cloud bill.

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