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Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests

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See the cost of each pull request

Know costs before you buy

Infracost scans your Terraform code and checks over 3 million prices to create a simple, understandable cost estimate before you launch resources.

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Map costs to lines of code

Infracost maps costs to resources in your pull requests, so you know which lines of code have the biggest cost impact.

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Take action

Infracost integrates into your CI/CD so you can discuss the cost impact of changes with your team in your existing workflow.

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How people are using Infracost

Cost aware engineering organization

Hundreds of companies have implemented Infracost to show their engineers how much cloud resources cost before they are launched. Engineers build up knowledge of which services and options have the biggest cost impact. Being more cost aware means they can make better decisions from the start.

Set cost policies in workflow

Policies enable engineers to move fast and only be notified when a specific cost policy has been exceeded. Soft policies inform the engineering team when something needs to be checked, while hard policies will stop something that will blow the budget from going live. Policies can be set around a specific dollar amount (e.g anything over $5K) or a percentage increase (e.g more than 15%).

What-if analysis & forecasting

Using the Infracost CLI, you can run scenarios to see the cost impact of any changes to your infrastructure. What if you changed instance type, region, or cloud provider. What if usage increases by 2x or 10x. Infracost can be used as a calculator to simplify the 3 million price points from the cloud providers and provide a forecast.

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