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Summary: we're excited to announce Infracost v0.9.14 and our new composable GitHub Actions 🎉 This release also includes new GitHub comment and Slack message output formats, 6 new AWS/Azure/Google resources, a summary table in PR comments, improved CLI output, and faster runs. We recommend everyone to upgrade!

How did we get here?

It's a bit noisy! We'd received a bunch of feedback about Infracost's CI/CD integrations - let's face it, everyone's Terraform workflow is different — so in November we decided to try a new approach… Let's rewind for a second: around a year ago, we made an 86-line bash script that ran Infracost on a repo's main and pull request branches, it then ran git diff with some tricks on the CLI output, and curled it to GitHub to post a PR comment as you can see below:

· 3 min read

We released Infracost v0.9.12 recently, you can upgrade to use these features. This release includes many bug fixes and we have made Infracost a lot faster to run!

Improved CLI output

We've simplified the output for AWS S3 and CloudFront. Previously these resources had over 50 lines of output due to their complicated pricing models. We now only output their standard pricing options; other prices are shown when applicable parameters are used in a usage file.

· 4 min read

We released Infracost v0.9.9 recently, you can upgrade to use these features.

Fetch usage from CloudWatch

When it comes to estimates for resources where the cost fully depends on usage (e.g. AWS S3 or Lambda), we have a usage file, in which users can define how much of those resources they will use. This requires you to manually input the usage numbers. We're now experimenting with fetching the values from CloudWatch or other cloud APIs when --sync-usage-file is used. This enables you to quickly see what the last 30-day usage for those resources have been and adjust if needed. If the CLI can fetch the following values from CloudWatch, it will overwrite them in the usage file.

  • aws_dynamodb_table: data storage, read capacity and write capacity units
  • aws_lambda_function: function duration and requests
  • aws_instance, aws_autoscaling_group, aws_eks_node_group: operating system (based on the AMI)

· 2 min read

I’m very excited to announce that Infracost has raised $2.2M in seed funding from Sequoia, Y Combinator, SV Angel and Yun-Fang Juan as an angel investor.


People are often surprised to learn that DevOps and SREs, who are launching cloud resources are never shown how much these resources are going to cost until they are charged for them. That is like going to a supermarket and having no price tags, and no checkout; then being told that your card will be charged later. This is not fair as when bills exceed budgets, the DevOps and SREs are asked to fix it.

The way we solve this problem is to show engineering teams how much resources, and the specific options they have selected, cost. This happens within their workflow before anything goes to production.

· 3 min read

We released Infracost v0.9.7 recently, you can upgrade to use these features.

Currency conversion

You can now use infracost configure set currency to set your preferred currency (e.g. EUR, BRL or INR). Any ISO 4217 currency code should work, for example use XAG to see how much Silver you're spending on the cloud 😂 The environment variable INFRACOST_CURRENCY can be used to set the currency in CI/CD pipelines. Cloud vendors usually publish prices in USD so the costs will be converted from USD to your preferred currency using the current exchange rate when the CLI is run.

· 3 min read

Whilst many Infracost CLI users connect to our hosted Cloud Pricing API (since no cloud credentials or secrets are sent to it), large enterprises that have restrictive security policies require self-hosting. Thus in July we focused on improving the self-hosting experience of the Cloud Pricing API. This is a GraphQL-based API that includes all public prices from AWS, Azure and Google; it contains over 3 million prices just now!

· 2 min read

In June we focused on integrations and adding more resource coverage. You can upgrade to the latest version (v0.9.2) to pickup the new features. If you are using v0.8 please follow the v0.9 migration guide.

⚙️ Integrations

Infracost already has CI/CD integrations with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Atlantis, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines and Jenkins. This list keeps growing, so please let us know what you'd like to see added next. Infracost can now be used with the following infra-as-code management platforms too:

  • Terraform Cloud: we have partnered with HashiCorp to bring cloud cost estimates into Terraform Cloud's new RunChecks (currently in beta). Armon Dadgar, co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp, announced the partnership during HashiConf EU; screenshot below! If your company uses Terraform Cloud and would like to work with us and HashiCorp together on this integration, please reply to this email.