I found a bug#

Please first upgrade to the latest version of infracost to see if the bug has already been fixed. If not, create an issue and describe the issue.

The resource I want isn't supported#

Please see this section

Infracost fails to run in CI/CD#

Please check the following and if that doesn't help, create an issue or join our community Slack channel to chat with us.

  1. Set the INFRACOST_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to debug in case that provides more useful details. For Atlantis, also set atlantis_debug=true.
  2. Check the Terraform version that Infracost is using matches the version you need. Use the INFRACOST_TERRAFORM_BINARY environment variable to change that.
  3. Use ls -lah in the CI build to check for any .terraform* files/folders that might be confusing Terraform running in CI vs previous runs that were used to create them. Removing those files might help.
  4. Check the Terraform Cloud/Enterprise or Terragrunt docs pages if applicable.

I want to talk to you about something else#

If you need help integrating Infracost in to your workflow, or want to talk about something else, please email You can also join our community Slack channel to chat with us.