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Infracost VS Code Extension

Cloud cost estimates, as you write code

👩‍💻 Designed for Engineers writing infrastructure as code

  • Directly installed into VS Code as an extension
  • Compare configs, instance types, regions etc
  • Quick cost estimates: no cloud calculators needed
  • Catch costly typos 
Infracost CI/CD

Cloud costs for engineering team review

👩‍💻 Designed for DevOps, SRE, Platform teams

  • Direct integration into source control systems or CI/CD
  • Review cost impact with the team alongside security and code quality
  • Shows the cost impact of the specific change
  • Usage-based resources (e.g. storage and serverless) can be modeled
Infracost Cloud

Proactive cloud costs for Team Leads and FinOps

👩‍💻 Designed forEngineering teams, team leads, managers and FinOps

  • Automatically works on top of Infracost CI/CD
  • Shows all infrastructure changes alongside cost impact
  • Guardrails alert engineers and FinOps if a change is going to break budgets
  • Policies check all changes against best practices and your custom policies
  • Tag checker: checks for the right tags and values on all taggable resources
  • Cloud costs for product managers reported directly in Jira
  • Weekly summary reports
  • Organization and team management
  • Supports custom price books, AWS EDP and Enterprise Agreement discounts
  • Integrate across all your repositories with the GitHub App or the GitLab App


Yes. You can enter custom discount levels into Infracost Cloud, and those will be used to estimate costs across all three products.

No. You can start with Infracost CI/CD, start seeing cloud cost estimates for infrastructure changes in CI/CD within a few minutes, and then upgrade to using Infracost Cloud when ready. You also get a free trial when you start using Infracost Cloud.

No. You only need to input credit card information after your trial, once you are ready to purchase a plan.

You can purchase a plan that is right for you and use Infracost Cloud, or keep using Infracost CI/CD with no disruption for free. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Yes. We offer community support for Infracost VS Code and Infracost CI/CD. We also offer paid support for all products with SLAs, please reach out to us on for pricing details.

Yes. We can help you get up and running, and run your POC. Email us at to discuss your customer requirements.

Infracost’s software is trusted by thousands of companies around the world, including many of the Fortune 500. We are open source, and you can see exactly what information is sent between your services and Infracost Cloud. We are SOC2 Type II certified. We are happy to complete your company’s security questionnaire as part of an enterprise onboarding / POC plan.

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