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Directly in engineering workflow


Before resources are launched


Proactive FinOps

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Enforce tagging policies directly in code

  • Never see an untagged or wrongly tagged resource again
  • Block code changes till the right tagging policy is followed
  • Track conformity of resources over time

See the future

  • See cloud cost increases before it happens
  • See the cost impact of each Jira issue before shipping
  • Integrate estimates and forecasts into your own FinOps dashboards

Alert on budget breaking changes before breaking the budget

  • Be notified when an incoming change will break the budget
  • Take action before money has been spent
  • Kick off approval workflows for budget increases

Ensure best practice cost policies are followed

  • Live status of all policies, and resources which pass and fail
  • Keep up to date with the latest best practices, built into workflows
  • Build your own best practices to be monitored

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