June 2023: New GitLab And Jira Apps, VS Code Extension & Data Export!

We recently released a new GitLab App that enables you to quickly add Infracost to all of your repos with a few clicks. We also released a new Jira app so product managers and budget owners know the cost impact of a feature request or change, before deployment! There’s also a new version of the VS Code extension, and the ability to export costs to AWS S3 & Azure Blob Storage.

Log in to Infracost Cloud or upgrade to CLI version v0.10.22 to use the new features.

GitLab App integration

We released a free Infracost GitLab App, which has these key benefits over the existing manual GitLab CI integration:

  1. You can add Infracost to multiple repos with one click, no need to install or update CLI versions in your CI/CD pipeline.
  2. Infracost runs significantly faster as only changed folders are run based on the GitLab App events.

Furthermore, if you use Infracost Cloud (our SaaS product):

  • The merge request status (e.g. open, closed, merged) and metadata such as labels, merged-by, and approved-by are included in the dashboard and reports. You can also filter on the merge request status.
  • Guardrails and centralized cost policies work without you needing to make changes in your CI/CD pipelines.

Install the GitLab App now by going to Infracost Cloud > Org Settings > Integrations!

Review & approve costs in Jira

Product managers and budget owners should know the cost impact of a feature request or change, before that feature is shipped. We released a new Jira app that:

  • Updates Jira issues with cost estimates along with a direct link to your Infracost Cloud dashboard. Use this to dive into specific cloud costs impacted by engineering changes.
  • You’ll also be able to review and unblock pull requests that triggered guardrails.
  • We’ll also add Jira metadata to any Infracost Cloud estimate, meaning you can search, filter and analyze costs based on your team’s Jira issues.

Try the Jira app now from Infracost Cloud.

Config & Usage file in VS Code extension

Infracost supports the following two files to help you customize how it runs. We released a new version of the VS Code Extension that supports both of these.

  1. Config files specify how Infracost should be run on a repo with multiple Terraform projects, e.g. infrastructure mono repos or Terragrunt repos. If your repo has Terraform var files, you also need a config file so Infracost knows how to apply them.
  2. Usage files specify usage estimates for resources such as AWS S3 or Azure Functions so you can get a more accurate cost estimate. You can use this to get an estimate faster instead of fiddling around with cloud vendor cost calculators, spreadsheets or wiki pages.

Try the Infracost VS Code extension to see cost estimates right in your editor, this has been installed more than 13,000 times 🚀 

Export costs to AWS S3 & Azure Blob Storage

Infracost Cloud now lets you setup a daily export of all your pull request costs to AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage. This data, available in CSV format, can be imported into your existing cloud cost dashboards and tools such as PowerBI or Tableau, and create custom reports showing your:

  • Total Cloud Cost: the costs from your cloud vendor billing exports.
  • Merged Pull Requests: the portion of total costs caused by engineering changes, versus organic changes from things like data transfer.
  • Open Pull Requests: potential increases that’ll impact your costs in the future, so you are not surprised and can plan accordingly.

We’re hiring

We have two key roles open: Customer Success Engineer and Software Engineer (Customer Success).

Your role will be vital in helping our customers during proof-of-concepts, onboarding, deployment, and configuration of our platform. If you’re technically skilled and are passionate about customer success, we’d like to hear from you. Check out the roles to learn more.

Community content

Many thanks to first time contributors @amouat and @gdubicki – InfraSocks are coming your way! Also shout-out to the following people for sharing their knowledge with the rest of the community:

👉 Finally, myself and my co-founder, Hassan, will also be at FinOpsX in San Diego, let me know if you’re going to be there too!

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