April 2022: New Cost Policies, More Resources, Jenkins, And CircleCI!

Infracost v0.9.21 is live! We added support for cost policies into the CLI and pull request comments, added many more resources, and updated the Jenkins and CircleCI integrations to support the latest features.

Catch mistakes & budget-breaking changes in CI

We added native support for cost policies into the CLI and pull request comments. DevOps and FinOps teams can now write policies to provide advice before resources are launched, setup guardrails, and prevent human error. Engineers can keep shipping fast without slowing down to manually check if they’re making costly mistakes, or breaking the budget.

Parsing HCL

Parsing HCL makes the CLI much faster, and simplifies adding Infracost to CI/CD systems. A massive thank you to all of the community members who reported issues with this feature – we resolved around ten issues across AWS, Azure and Google – please keep reporting issues!

New resources

We added support for the following cloud resources and identified many more free Terraform resources:

  • AWS: Network Firewall, Glue resources, Elastic beanstalk environment
  • Azure: SQL Managed Instances, improved Storage Container support
  • Google: VPC Service Network Connections, GKE Autopilot for Container Clusters

Jenkins and CircleCI

We updated the Infracost Jenkins and CircleCI integrations to support the same features that are supported by GitHub Actions and GitLab. This includes a summary table in pull request comments and different update behaviors (e.g. update the original comment or delete old comments).

The old bash-based integrations have been deprecated, please follow the migration guides to upgrade and use the latest features.

Usability improvements

We made a number of usability improvements, including:

  • Defaulting the log level in CI/CD to “info”, so spinner/status lines are not shown. You can change this using an environment variable.
  • Adding a new terraform-init-flags flag to Infracost breakdown and diff. This can be used to pass values, such as -upgrade, to the Terraform init command.
  • Resolving an issue in the Slack integration that was triggering Slack API errors with large messages.


We hit 6000 GitHub stars! Thanks to @lukeadams84@fedeci@matthieupetite and @ouranos for their first contribution. InfraSocks are coming your way!

Also shout-out to the following people for sharing their Infracost knowledge with the rest of the community:

👉 Join our community call on Thursday 7 April to discuss any topics related to Infracost and cloud costs. We’ll also share the latest product news.

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