May 2022: Super-Fast CLI, Diff Between Branches, And Terraform Cloud Run Tasks

Infracost v0.9.24 is live! We’ve got a new Get Started guide that uses the parse HCL option, a way to run diffs between branches, direct integration with Terraform Cloud, and new resources.

Super-fast CLI

We updated the Get Started guide to use the new parse HCL option. This option received very positive community feedback as it enables the CLI to run without relying on the Terraform binary, a plan JSON file, Terraform secrets or cloud credentials. It’s also super-fast – try it now 🚀

Compare branches

We added a new infracost diff --compare-to flag that can be used to compare Infracost runs using our JSON output. This enables you to add Infracost to any repo, even Terraform modules.

git checkout main

infracost breakdown --path . \
--terraform-parse-hcl --terraform-var-file "my.tfvars" \
--format json --out-file infracost-base.json

git checkout branch

infracost diff --path . \
--terraform-parse-hcl --terraform-var-file "my.tfvars" \
--compare-to infracost-base.json \
--format json --out-file infracost.json

# Output the diff in your terminal
infracost output --path infracost.json --format diff

# And/or post a comment on GitHub
infracost comment github --path infracost.json ...

Terraform Cloud Run Tasks

Along with our partner Hashicorp, we announced the public launch of our direct integration into Terraform Cloud with Run Tasks. Before this feature, a user would have to visit multiple dashboards to get all the information needed to ship infrastructure changes. With this direct integration, users are able to see cloud cost estimates with Infracost and security checks with Snyk & Bridgecrew all inside the Terraform Cloud dashboard. They’re also given a details link that shows more information. Watch a live demo of Terraform Run Tasks.

New resources

We added support for the following cloud resources and identified many more free resources:

  • AWS: SNS Topic notification, SNS FIFO Topic, Launch Template support for Instances
  • Azure: MySQL Flexible Server, Data Factory, Sentinel
  • Google: Compute Address/Global Address was updated to include a usage param

Recurring Employee Meetup (REM)

You can’t spell remote without REM! We’re a remote company with team members all over the world so every few months we meetup for a week of discussions, brainstorming and fun. Last month we had our first REM in Tenerife – the Spanish island known for the highest peak in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lookout for the new Infracost v0.10 CLI next month with many of the improvements we discussed…


Thanks to @acald-creator@sinabakh and @fedeci for their contributions! InfraSocks are coming your way!

Also shout-out to the following people for sharing their Infracost knowledge with the rest of the community:

👉 Join our community call on Thursday 12 May to discuss any topics related to Infracost and cloud costs. We’ll also share the latest product news.

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