March 2022: Parsing HCL, GitLab Partnership, Bitbucket, Chocolatey, And New Resources!

Infracost v0.9.19 is live! We’re experimenting with parsing HCL (we need your help), partnered with GitLab, improved Bitbucket support, published a Windows Chocolatey package, and added many new resources…

Parsing HCL

Imagine you could add Infracost to repo README files, get cost estimates for Terraform modules before using them in your projects, and even see cost estimates in Visual Studio 🤯

That’s why in February we started experimenting with parsing HCL directly, without relying on the Terraform binary, a plan JSON file or cloud credentials. Can you tell we have an unhealthy obsession with cloud costs?

We need your help to make this experiment work! Please run this new method using the following command, compare the output with the existing method, and create GitHub issues if you find discrepancies so we can investigate them. We’re not sure if this approach will be better than the existing method, but there’s only one way to find out: try it!

infracost breakdown --path=path/to/code --terraform-parse-hcl \
--terraform-var-file="myvars.tfvars" \ # Load variables from provided files, similar to Terraform's -var-file flag
--terraform-var "my_var=value" \ # Set a value for one of the input variables, similar to Terraform's -var flag
--terraform-var "my_other_var=value" # The --terraform-var-file and --terraform-var flags can be used multiple times

GitLab partnership

We love GitLab and have officially partnered with them to bring Infracost to all GitLab users! You can find us under Continuous Integration on their partners page. You can also find GitLab on our new CI/CD landing page.

Bitbucket Cloud/Server

The new infracost comment bitbucket command can be used to post cost estimates to pull requests in Bitbucket Cloud or Server; see our docs for details. The infracost output command also supports generating Bitbucket-compatible markdown for users that prefer to post the comment manually (e.g. with curl).

Release binaries

Windows users can now install Infracost using Chocolatey with choco install infracost, or download our new Zip filesthat contain infracost.exe. We’ve also released ARM64 binaries for MacOS, Linux and Windows.

Going forward, all of our releases come with SHA256 checksums that are verified by Homebrew, Chocolatey and our installer script.

New resources

We added support for the following new cloud resources and identified 17 more free Terraform resources, bringing our total to 230 paid and over 550 free resources 🚀

  • AWS:
    • T4g instances (ARM-based AWS Graviton2 processors) for EC2, RDS and Neptune
    • App Autoscaling support with DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)
    • RDS Performance Insights
    • S3 Bucket Lifecycle Configuration
  • Azure: Premium Event Hubs and Log Analytics Workspaces

Community call

A huge thank you to everyone who reported issues and gave us feedback last month, specially Curtis Wahlfeld and Rob Lazzurs for sending pull requests to improve the Infracost-Bitbucket integration, and Guillaume Vincent for writing a blog on 5 Essential Terraform Tools To Use Everyday. InfraSocks are coming your way!

👉 Join our community call on Wednesday 9 March to discuss any topics related to Infracost and cloud costs. We’ll also share the latest product news.

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