February 2022: New Atlantis Integration, Azure DevOps Extension, Cost Policies And Popular Use-Cases

Infracost v0.9.17 is live! There’s a new Atlantis integration, native Azure DevOps extension, cost policies with Open Policy Agent, Sentinel and more.

New Atlantis integration

The new Infracost Atlantis integration enables you to:

  1. Post separate pull request comments instead of having the Infracost output at the bottom of the Atlantis output. This was the number one feedback we received from Atlantis users so we rolled-up our sleeves and contributed to the Atlantis project to enable this by adding a post workflow hook.
  2. Upgrade Infracost independently of Atlantis by using Docker images that we’ll maintain.
  3. Added an option to install Infracost into an existing Atlantis deployment without changing the Docker image, which is good for testing.

Follow our migration guide if you used the old bash-based integration.

New Azure DevOps extension

The new Infracost Azure DevOps extension is live in the Azure Marketplace! These JavaScript tasks offer a composable way of using Infracost in your pipeline. We’ve also added an Azure Repos output format, a cost summary table, and different behaviors, so you can control when comments are posted.

Follow our migration guide if you used the old bash-based integration.

Cost policies

We launched our new integration between Infracost and Open Policy Agent (OPA), HashiCorp Sentinel and Conftest. This enables DevOps teams to set policies on cost estimates before resources are launched. You can write custom policies to provide guardrails and ask a team lead to review changes that, for example, result in provisioned IOPS to cost more than instances.

The launch also hit the first page of Hacker News! Read the docs to get started with cost policies.

Infracost comment command

We released a new infracost comment command that can post cost estimates to GitHub, GitLab and Azure Repos (previously we had been using bash in our CI/CD integrations). Both cloud and enterprise/self-hosted versions of these version control systems are supported. Bitbucket support is coming soon, 👍 this issue for updates.

Checkout the CLI docs to learn more.

New use cases page

We spoke with many users to learn about how they use Infracost. We documented the three common use cases that emerged so you can learn too:

  • Cost visibility for self-service infrastructure
  • Proactive cloud cost policies
  • Consultants helping clients adopt and scale on cloud

Community buzz

We hit 5000 GitHub stars! We celebrated by randomly picking 10 people who starred the Infracost repo to send InfraSocksto.

Shout-out to:

  • Sina Bakhtiari for helping migrate resources to a new coding structure, this’ll enable interesting use-cases in the future.
  • Dann Berg who hosted a talk I gave at the FinOps NYC Meetup: Cloud costs are too damn complicated!.
  • Heitor Lessa’s who’s Tweet about Infracost went viral.
  • The Sudo who made a YouTube demo that involved running Infracost on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Lucas de Souza who made a YouTube video (in Portuguese): Veja quanto custa seu terraform apply.
  • LAPRAS Tech News who featured Infracost (in Japanese): インフラコスト as Code.
  • Adrià Belmonte who wrote a blog in Spanish to describe how to use Infracost.
  • StartupToolChain who added Infracost to their site.
  • ReportWire who wrote an article on how to get started with Infracost.
  • Kanishk Agrawal who wrote a blog on how to setup Azure DevOps + Atlantis + Infracost.
  • Anton Babenko who keeps doing awesome work in the open source community; we couldn’t resist sponsoring him again.

Finally, after traveling around the world for 5 years, I moved back to the US! Our team is now distributed between the US west coast (me), US east coast (Tim), UK (Alistair and Hugo), Portugal (Hassan) and Germany (Vadim). This remote setup works great as we have open source contributors and users that are spread all over the world.

Join the first community call

Join us on 16 February to discuss any topics related to Infracost and cloud costs. We’ll also share the latest product news.

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