June 2022: The Most Significant Update To Infracost To Date!

Back in February, we started an ambitious journey: remove our dependency on the Terraform CLI by parsing code directly! We’re excited to announce Infracost v0.10, which completes that journey 🎉

Infracost is now much faster, simpler to add to CI/CD, and does not need cloud creds since a Terraform plan is not required.

Infracost v0.10

Checkout the migration guide to upgrade. The experimental --terraform-parse-hcl flag has been removed and going forward, Infracost can be run in two ways via --path:

  1. Parsing HCL code (directory): the default and recommended option as it has the following 5 benefits.
    # Terraform variables can be set using --terraform-var-file
    # or --terraform-var
    infracost breakdown --path /code

  2. Parsing plan JSON file: this will continue to work as before.
    cd /code
    terraform init
    terraform plan -out tfplan.binary
    terraform show -json tfplan.binary > plan.json

    infracost breakdown --path plan.json

1. Faster CLI

Removing the need for terraform init and terraform plan means a super-fast CLI: Infracost used to take around 50 seconds to run on our internal Terraform mono-repo, that’s now reduced to 2 seconds 🚀

2. No cloud creds needed

Removing our dependency on the Terraform CLI means you no longer need to set cloud credentials or Terraform secrets, which simplifies CI/CD integrations too.

3. Cost of TF modules

Not needing cloud creds/secrets or a Terraform plan means you can now generate cost estimates from Terraform modules. It also enables cost estimates to be put in Infra-as-Code repo readmes and Visual Studio!

To make infracost diff work without a plan, we introduced a new --compare-to flag so git-based cost diffs can be produced:

git checkout main
infracost breakdown --path /code --format json \
--out-file infracost-base.json

git checkout my-branch
infracost diff --path /code --compare-to infracost-base.json

4. Compare Infracost runs

The infracost diff command can now also be used to compare Infracost runs to see what’s changed between historic runs:

infracost diff --path infracost-today.json \
--compare-to infracost-last-week.json

5. Detect multi-project repos

Setting the --path flag to a top-level repo directory will now attempt to process all projects automatically. If this does not work for your use-case, use a config-file.

New resources

We added support for the following cloud resources and identified many more free resources:

  • AWS: Support for reservation in db_instance
  • Google: google_compute_per_instance_configgoogle_compute_region_per_instance_config


Many thanks to @golgeek and @carmeloriolo for your contributions. Also shout-out to the following people for sharing their Infracost knowledge with the rest of the community. InfraSocks are coming your way!

👉 Join our community call on Wednesday 8 June to discuss v0.10, the Visual Studio Code extension, and our upcoming dashboard that provides visibility of cost estimates across projects.

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