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Know the cost impact of cloud infrastructure changes before launching resources.

  • Built into engineering and product workflows
  • Changes that break budgets trigger approval workflows
  • Ensures FinOps tags are applied correctly
  • Build FinOps best practices into your workflow (e.g., GP2 to GP3 volumes)

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Know the Cost Impact of Code Changes

Infracost sits in your engineering workflow and tells you and your engineers how much code changes will increase cloud costs before changes are deployed.

Budgets Checked Before Spending

Infracost checks the cost impact of code changes against centrally set budgets and kicks off an approval workflow if the cost increase of code changes exceeds budgets.

FinOps Policies Automated

Infracost checks all code changes against best practices during code review and informs engineers of better options (e.g., GP2 to GP3 volumes).

Enforces 100% Tag Coverage

Infracost shows you all the tags and values that live in your code (the source of truth). You can export a list of all non-conforming resources and their exact location in the code to be fixed.
Then, it can block new code changes if they do not conform to your FinOps tagging policy.

Directly in Workflows

Infracost integrates directly into the engineering workflow in GitHub and GitLab. It also integrates directly into Jira for Product Management and provides a daily export of all the raw information to be integrated into existing FinOps and Business Intelligence dashboards.

Support for Enterprise Pricing

Infracost supports your custom price books, including support for Enterprise Discount Programs (EDPs), Enterprise Agreements (EAs), and any other custom price negotiations. These can be discounts or markups.

How does it work?

Infracost installs directly into your GitHub or GitLab environments. When a change is opened (Pull Request), it creates an easy to understand cost estimate of the change as well as a detailed breakdown of all the resources. It’s like an automatic cloud cost calculator in engineering workflows.

It then checks the changes against your budgets, checks for the right tags, and best practice policies before enabling the merge.

Automating FinOps

Infracost checks all the code changes being made by engineers against your budgets, best practices, and your tagging policy. If a budget is going to be exceeded, Infracost informs the engineer and kicks off an approval workflow. It also informs the engineer of better infrastructure options during code-review (e.g. change GP2 volumes to GP3).

Enterprise Ready

Infracost is used by over 3,000 companies from financial and insurance providers to the automotive industry. Many of the Fortune 2,000 are using Infracost to make FinOps proactive. Infracost supports your custom enterprise pricing. Infracost is SOC2 Type 2 certified.

We love what people are saying about Infracost

Alexey Shabanov


This tool aims to calculate costs impact based on a terraform change. An amazing addition for your SRE process if you want to keep your costs under control.

Matthew Tovbin

Mechanizing minds

Infracost is an outstanding tool and a must have for every Terraform project. It’s great to see it grow!

Keith Baker

DevOps and Cloud

Ha! Very cool. Estimating your aws costs from a terraform plan.

Hinnerk Haardt


I love this code quality metric:
»infracost GitHub action […] automatically adds a pull request comment showing the cost estimate diff«


Thank you very much to @infracost team who implemented an awesome terragrunt report from feedbacks in Github. 🙂



Just discovered Infracost repo. Shows hourly and monthly cost estimates for a Terraform project. Can also be used to automatically add a PR comment showing the cost estimate diff 😍

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