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You can sign up or log in via the the web and the CLI. Infracost Cloud supports logging in via GitHub, Google or an email/password.


  1. Go to Infracost Cloud to sign up or log in.
  2. Switch to the desired organization. Every Infracost user has a default organization for personal use. You should create a new organization for your company using the organization dropdown at the top of the page.
  3. Go to Org Settings page and copy your API key:Copy organization API key
  4. To use it in CI/CD, set the INFRACOST_API_KEY environment variable.
  5. To use it in the CLI, run infracost configure set api_key MY_API_KEY.
  6. Run Infracost commands or CI/CD integrations as usual.

If you signed up using an email/password, you can change your password by logging out and clicking on "Don't remember your password?".

Email addresses are unique in Infracost Cloud. Thus when you log in with GitHub, Google or an email/password, if the email associated with the login is the same as a previous login, you will be given the option to link the accounts together, so you can log in using either method.


  1. Upgrade to Infracost v0.10.11 or later. Check version by running infracost --version.
  2. Run infracost auth login. This opens an authentication web page and saves the API key locally. If you run into issues, follow the web log in and set the CLI API key manually.
  3. Run Infracost commands as usual. If you need to create a new organization or retrieve your API key, use our web UI.

Notes for existing users

  1. Old Infracost API keys, ones that do not start with ico-, will continue to work in the CLI and Cloud Pricing API, but not with Infracost Cloud.
  2. Currently there is no automated migration of your old API keys since they were only used by the CLI to retrieve prices from our Cloud Pricing API, e.g. get prices for instance types. We recommend you switch to using your API key from Infracost Cloud if you'd like to create organizations or regenerate API keys. You can simply discard your old API keys.
  3. We recommend Terraform Cloud Run Task users to sign up to Infracost Cloud and create a new Run Task integration so they can associate that with an organization.