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Share reports

Cost estimates can be shared with other team members or management without having to manually upload files to object storage! See this example.

The Infracost dashboard is part of our hosted services and you can enable it by running the following command. Once enabled, the Infracost CLI sends its JSON output to the dashboard so it can generate unique share links. The Infracost JSON output does not contain any cloud credentials or secrets.

# in CLI:
infracost configure set enable_dashboard true

# in CI/CD:

A link is generated each time you run infracost breakdown, diff or output, and it's included in the table, diff and json formats. The link can also be parsed and used in your workflow, for example by sending it to Slack. The infracost output command generates a new link for the combined cost estimate.

There is currently no way for you to expire links, you can contact us if you'd like us to disable a link.

A demo of the new Infracost sharable link