Environment variables

Infracost uses a number of environment variables to customize various aspects of its behavior; these can be particularly useful in CI/CD integrations.


Infracost API key, run infracost register to get one.


Can be set to info or warn in CI/CD systems to reduce noise, or debug to troubleshoot.


Set to true to skip the Infracost update check; can be useful in CI/CD systems. Be sure to upgrade regularly as we continually add new resources to Infracost.


Used to change the path to the terraform binary, e.g.:

TERRAFORM_BINARY=~/bin/terraform_0.13 infracost --tfdir /path/to/code
# or
TERRAFORM_BINARY=terragrunt infracost --tfdir=/path/to/code

CI/CD integrations#

If you're using a CI/CD integration, our Docker image (Dockerfile) has the latest stable versions of terraform and terragrunt; so you can set this environment variable to:

  • terraform (default, latest stable version of terraform)
  • terraform_0.14 (latest patch version of 0.14)
  • terraform_0.13 (latest patch version of 0.13)
  • terraform_0.12 (latest patch version of 0.12)
  • terragrunt (latest patch version of 0.27, if you need other versions of Terragrunt in the Docker image, please create an issue)


For Terraform Cloud/Enterprise users, set this to a Team API Token or User API Token so Infracost can use it to access the plan.


For Terraform Enterprise users, used to override the default app.terraform.io backend host.

Terraform environment variables#

Standard Terraform environment variables such as TF_WORKSPACE and TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE can also be added if required, for example:

TF_WORKSPACE=dev infracost --tfdir /path/to/code
TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE="$HOME/.terraformrc-custom" infracost --tfdir /path/to/code